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Help customers find their nearest branch with the new Location Finder

We've added a new panel to the Page Editor which enables your page visitors to find your nearest branch. We call it the Location Finder.

Quick to locate with GPS

Its quick and easy for your page visitors to find the nearest branch of your organization, they can use their GPS location, and we will work out which branch is closest to them, and show them how close your nearest branches are.

Branch finder

Your page visitors can also use the search box to find a branch closest to their search term. They can search for a postcode/zip, country, state, almost anything.

Your nearest branches will be shown in the search results, in order by distance from the search location. The visitor can choose one of the search results to find out the full address and opening hours of the branch, and see it on the map.

Manage your locations

The location finder is powered by your organization's locations.

To get started, sign into or register FREE.

Then navigate to the Orgs page by selecting "Orgs" from the menu. You'll see a list of organizations that you manage and are watching. Click the Edit button to start editing your organization on the Org Admin dashboard.

From the Org Admin dashboard, choose the "Locations" option from the menu, or go directly to the locations page.

Add a new location by choosing the "New Location" button. Search for your address, and fill out your location details, then click Save.

Edit a location by selecting it from the locations list. The edit page has tabs for:

  • Details
  • Address
  • Opening Hours
  • Social Media

Fill out each tab with all the relevant details to make sure your visitors get the best experience possible, the click Save.

Note: Changes to the Address will need verification. We send out letters to your address for you to verify that you have access to the address. Complete the verification to show a verified badge on your locations.

The Location Finder Panel is only available on the PRO plan, check out our pricing here.

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