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How to effortlessly enrich your Contacts list from your inbound email

It's no secret that within your treasured contact data some of it is stale, accuracy is hit and miss, and the odd duplicates are appearing.

Important colleagues and good friends have changed their phone number, moved to a new company so their email address is hopelessly defunct and you can't be bothered to type their entire LinkedIn URL into your phone keyboard!

Not only is there a big cost to gradually losing touch, but an average natural downgrade of over 2% per month (22% every year) in B2B contact data takes place and there is also a big lack of visibility about the contacts you already have.

OK, so, you have someone's business email? But shouldn't you also have their:

  • Business category
  • Website and social links
  • Logo
  • Legal name and registration number
  • VAT Number
  • Year founded
  • Employee count

What can you do about it?

Contact database deterioration is a fact of marketing life. But the key to growth is focussing on the contacts that matter. enables you to effortlessly discover so much more verified and actionable data about your contacts that you can then use in your regular marketing efforts to boost sales. What's more, your contact data is constantly checked and updated so you can easily monitor important changes.

How does it work?

Simply forward your inbound business emails to your secure email inbox. It is easy to automatically forward emails from your email client. All you need to do is to create a filter and set the forwarding address we provide, and only new emails that match the criteria of your inbox rule/filter will be forwarded.

When an email arrives from a new contact, we discover as much as possible from the email address, such as name, contact details, related business, and website using the latest inference techniques powered by artificial intelligence. If everything passes our stringent data quality checks the contact will appear in your Suggested Contacts list for you to accept.

Example of a new contact enriched from just the name and email address

All this you should expect. But uniquely goes one step further. We also link the contact to their official domain name and public profile page. Every business globally has a public profile free of charge that they can manage. This is the way your contact data is enriched with the latest details about that business giving you much greater insight and helping you target your sales approach.

You can also easily add Contacts directly from other solutions to trigger the contact cleansing and enrichment using our Zapier connections to over 5,000 apps and REST API.

But how do you push your updated contacts into your existing online solutions and platforms like your accounting system? That's really simple! Check out our support for Webhooks and other integration methods. It can be done in a few clicks. If you need any help do get in touch.

So, all in all, within a few minutes, you can gain so much more information from your existing contact data, get a much deeper insight into who you are connecting with than ever before, and never have to worry about contact data decay!

What are you waiting for? Try our Automated Contact Discovery solution free today.

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