TikTok Pixel

Use TikTok Pixel to track the views, clicks, and events of your to.co page by adding a TikTok Pixel ID to your pages, forms and surveys.

Your to.co page analytics settings can be modified here.

Create a TikTok Pixel

To create a TikTok Pixel check out the TikTok Help Article.

  1. Visit the TikTok Ads Manager
  2. Select "Event" under the "Assets"
  3. Select "Manage" under "Web events", then click "Set Up Web Events"
  4. Select TikTok Pixel as the connection method
  5. Name your TikTok Pixel
  6. Select "Manually install pixel code" then "Standard Mode"
  7. Enter your to.co domain as the website URL
  8. Complete the setup process
  9. Visit the Events Manager
  10. Copy the TikTok Pixel ID from the Events Manager

Set up TikTok Pixel

Once you have your Google Measurement ID ready, you can add it to your pages, forms and surveys at analytics admin.

Enter your TikTok Pixel ID in the Input box then click Save.