Missing Forwarded Emails

After forwarding your emails to your @inbound.to.co address, it should take a few minutes before they show up in your to.co inbox.

In some cases, the first emails you send to us may get delayed by a few hours. The delay may be due to greylisting anti-spam filters.

Greylisting works by temporarily rejecting emails from unknown senders. Once an email gets rejected, your email client will try to send the email again after a period of time. The following time, the greylisting filter knows about the new sender, and the email should go through. This method helps to reduce spam emails because most spammers would not try to resend a failed email.

If you experience a delay on the first few emails, it should not be persistent. If you experience a delay, check your forwarding email inbox at integrate email settings after a while. Once your first few emails get forwarded successfully, you should not experience a delay longer than a few minutes, as per normal operation.