How is my email data stored?

What data gets stored ?

Once an email is forwarded to your email address, the following information is stored in our secure cloud storage:

  • Headers
  • Subject
  • HTML Body
  • Plain Text Body
  • File Attachment(s)
  • Parsed Data

We will parse the content of the email body to look for useful information, which can help to populate your contacts and other services.

How long are emails stored?

We store forwarded emails and associated data for one month. After that, we delete the email including all text, attachments, and parsed data.

What about sensitive and confidential data inside emails?

We take security very seriously and our system is compliant with the latest web security standards. We use full SSL encryption between our server and your web browser.

You have full control of which emails get forwarded to your inbox from within your email client. You can use filters and inbox rules to select only certain senders or by looking at the contents of the email subject and body. This means you can stop unwanted emails from leaving your private inbox.

How secure is transferring data by email in general?

Chances are high that you're already sending your data by email from one point to another right now. This means that forwarding to your inbox does not increase the security risk as the weakest part in the chain is the email protocol. Unfortunately, the email protocol itself is not a secure form of transportation.

Once your data is in our secure cloud storage, it's protected with industry-standard security measurements including SSL encryption.