Zapier Integration

What is Zapier?

Zapier lets you set up integrations and automation between and other web applications that you already use.

We integrate with apps such as Front, Slack, Quickbooks, Google Sheets, Microsoft Teams, & many more!

SalesforeXeroHubspotQuickbooksAirtableExcelGoogle SheetsSlack
Microsoft TeamsGmailPipedriveFrontStripeFreshBooksZenDesk

View on the Zapier App Store.

Benefits of Zapier

  • Get notified when updates happen.
  • Connect with 5,000+ apps you already use.
  • Automate repetitive tasks without writing code.
  • Build custom workflows to save time.

Zapier Integration Costs

Using the Zapier integration uses an API Credit per Event.

You can find out how many credits you have used with the Zapier integration by going to the webhook configuration page and filtering with the "App Webhooks" option. If you have any active Zapier Zaps, they should be visible here. Click the "Events" button to view the history of usage.

If you require more Data Credits, you can check out the Data Credits Plans that we offer by going to .