Key Type Description
domain string Stable Address Domain Name ending in
line1 string First line of the address
line2 string Second line of the address
line3 string Third line of the address
city string City or Town name
sublocality string Sub-Locality. Typically defined as the region or area nearest the city or town
state string State or County
state_code string Code for the State or County
zip string ZIP or Postal Code
country_code string County Code (Upper Case) e.g US. 2 alpha-character ISO 3166
version_number integer (int32) Version number of the Address record


  "domain": "",
  "line1": "350 Fifth Avenue",
  "line2": "Midtown Manhattan",
  "sublocality": "Manhattan",
  "city": "New York City",
  "state": "New York",
  "state_code": "NY",
  "zip": "10118",
  "country_code": "US"