Request for the Contact Add operation


Key Type Description
first_name string The first name of the contact
last_name string The last name of the contact
full_name string The full name of the contact (first and last name). Submit either the Full Name or use the separate First and Last Name fields. will split this field to update the First Name and Last Name.
email string A valid email address for the contact
email_opt_out string Set to true if the contact has opted out of email communication
org_name string The contact's Organization name
registration_number string The contact's official Organization registration or incorporation number
vat_registration_number string The contact's official Organization tax registration number e.g. VAT number or Employer Identification Number (EIS)
job_title string The contact's job title or role at the Organization
department string The Organization department where the contact works
country_code string ISO 3166 Country Code. 2 Characters. e.g. US for United States
avatar_url string URL to image of contact avatar
salutation string Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr, etc
phone string Formatted phone number for the contact
phone_alt string Alternate formatted phone number
phone_local string Local phone number for contact
phone_mobile string Mobile number for contact
phone_free string Formatted toll-free phone number for contact
phone_tty string Formatted TTY contact phone number
website_url string Contact's or Organization's website URL
twitter_handle string The contact's X (Twitter) page handle or full URL
instagram_handle string The contact's Instagram page handle or full URL
facebook_url string The contact's Facebook page URL
linkedin_url string The contact's LinkedIn page URL
youtube_url string The contact's YouTube page URL
vimeo_url string The contact's Vimeo page URL
tiktok_url string The contact's TikTok page URL
pinterest_url string The contact's Pinterest page URL
clubhouse_url string The contact's Clubhouse page URL
snapchat_url string The contact's Snapchat page URL
line1 string Line 1 of contact address
line2 string Line 2 of contact address
line3 string Line 3 of contact address
city string City of the contact address
sublocality string Sub-Locality. Typically defined as the region or area nearest the city or town
state string State name of contact address
state_code string Code for the State or County (Upper Case). 2 alpha-character ISO 3166 e.g. CA for California if country_code is US
zip string Address ZIP or Postal Code


  "first_name": "Tom",
  "last_name": "Jones",
  "email": "",
  "email_opt_out": false,
  "country_code": "US",
  "avatar_url": "",
  "org_name": "Really Big Co",
  "department": "Sales Department, NY",
  "job_title": "Retail Manager",
  "registration_number": "",
  "vat_registration_number": "",
  "salutation": "Mr",
  "phone": "",
  "phone_alt": "",
  "phone_local": "",
  "phone_mobile": "",
  "phone_free": "",
  "phone_tty": "",
  "website_url": "",
  "twitter_handle": "",
  "instagram_handle": "",
  "facebook_url": "",
  "linkedin_url": "",
  "youtube_url": "",
  "vimeo_url": "",
  "tiktok_url": "",
  "pinterest_url": "",
  "clubhouse_url": "",
  "snapchat_url": "",
  "line1": "350 Fifth Avenue",
  "line2": "Midtown Manhattan",
  "sublocality": "Manhattan",
  "city": "New York City",
  "state": "New York",
  "state_code": "NY",
  "zip": "10118"